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Neuhomes Design Features

The essence of the Neuhomes Designs is about lifestyle living in the tropics. The Neuhomes designed abodes will capture the well tested and proven tropical living concepts into lasting built forms.

Home designs in the tropics

Tropical country like Malaysia has high rainfall, hot temperature and high humidity all year long. To ensure a lasting and comfortable living environment, Neuhomes design teams has studied numerous traditional architectural designs and home building approach to come up with great tropical homes. These traditional environmentally design features have over the time evolved into lasting tropical aesthetics and sensibility. Some of these well-proven design approaches are deployed in Neuhomes’ designed homes. Coupled with the advancement of modern technology for modern living and home designs, Neuhomes has always endeavored to merge the best of both traditional architectural ideals and modern technologies to better home designs.

The salient Neuhomes design features:

Neuhomes believes our homes should work well with the environments. Our homes should also be both environmentally friendly and have energy saving features on long term basis.


The Architectural Features:

  • Deep overhang- for sun protection and keep out the rain.
  • Verandah- usually an extension of a large overhang and provide intermediate space between the inside and outside environment. Also a great place for social interaction.

Ventilation for airy and cooling environment

  • Cross ventilation for rooms. Usually large windows are placed on the opposite directions within a room to facilitate air flow.
  • High ceiling for heat to escape and convection theory to work best.
  • Courtyard system- to facilitate air flow within and around the house and also provide a great place for informal gathering and social interaction.


  • Good daylighting for bright and cheerful inner environment and to minimize artificial lighting environment.
  • Courtyard system will help bringing in more daylighting.


Garden and landscaping

  • Garden is an extension and integral part of a home.
  • Garden and the vegetation around a house provide shades, cooling environment and oxygen.
  • It is also an important linkage between man and his environment.
  • A well manicured landscaped garden is pleasing to the eyes.

Water Features

  • Cooling effect and provide sensory pleasure and sooth the 5 senses.
  • Fusion of the manmade environment and the nature.
For example: lily pond, plunge pool and swimming pool.
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